Focal 130 AC ACCESS

 Ομοαξονικό ηχείο 130mm (5″) 2- Way σειρά ACCESS
Κωδικός : 130 AC
125.00 €

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Focal 130 AC ACCESS 

Ομοαξονικό ηχείο 130mm (5″) 2- Way

Ομοαξονικό ηχείο 2 δρόμων • Διάμετρος 5" (130mm) • Βάθος εγκατάστασης 54.7mm • Διάμετρος
πηνίου 25mm • Ύψος πηνίου 11mm • Μαγνήτης 85mm • Ονομαστική ισχύς 50W RMS • Μέγιστη
ισχύς 100W • Ευαισθησία [2.83V/1m] 89.3dB • Απόκριση συχνότητας 70Hz-20kHz • Crossover
[4,7kHz] 6dB/oct • Tweeter ανεστραμμένου θόλου από αλουμίνιο • Κώνος DFS από fiberglass •
Ονομαστική αντίσταση 4Ω • Βάρος 0.85 kg • Παρέχονται γρίλιες

Accessible Technology

Access is more than a name... It is a compelling, internationally renowned story. This iconic Focal line has enabled even more people to access "Made in Focal" innovation. Its strength: unmatched performance and strategic price point.

DFS Cone

The DFS® cone, or Dual Fiberglass Structure, is robust and reliable. The glass fibres are woven at 90°, and insulated with polyurethane. This enables it to resist extreme acoustic environments and harsh weather conditions...

Easy to Install

The 2-way and 3-way kits, whether component kits or 2-way coaxial kits, can be combined with one or two subwoofers to give your car rejuvenated and subtle acoustics. All these components have been designed to make them quick and easy to install.


5.25″ Coaxial Kit

Coaxial 130mm (5″) speakers kit, built-in crossover, rotating tweeter. Grilles included. The 25mm (1″) voice coil combined with the 85mm (3.3″) magnet provides high power handling as well as extremely dynamic sound.


woofer All weather woven fiberglass
tweeter Aluminum inverted dome
chassis 20% Fiberglass filled ABS
max power 100W
nominal power 50W
sensitivity 91 dB
frequency response 65 Hz – 20 kHz