Focal ISC 690 Integration

Ομοαξονικό ηχείο 6x9" (165x237mm) 2- Way σειρά Integration
Κωδικός : ISC 690
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Focal ISC 690 Integration

Ομοαξονικό ηχείο 6x9" (165x237mm) 2- Way

Ομοαξονικό ηχείο 2 δρόμων • Διάμετρος 6x9" • Βάθος εγκατάστασης 82.5mm • Διάμετρος πηνίου
30mm • Ύψος πηνίου 10.5mm • Μαγνήτης 90mm • Ονομαστική ισχύς 80W RMS • Μέγιστη ισχύς
160W • Ευαισθησία [2.83V/1m] 93.6dB • Απόκριση συχνότητας 90Hz-20kHz • Crossover [4,7kHz]
6dB/oct • Περιστρεφόμενο tweeter ανεστραμμένου θόλου από αλουμίνιο • Κώνος polyglass •
Ονομαστική αντίσταση 4Ω • Βάρος 1.25 kg • Παρέχεται χωρίς γρίλιες


Do you have a car and like listening
to music?
The solution is here: The Integration
range of systems. Quick and easy
to fit, even by owners themselves,
these speakers guarantee the
best of Focal Sound. There are no
technical or aesthetic changes to
your car interior; your car headunit
is not changed, your steering-
wheel controls work perfectly! At
the heart of the
every compactly sized system is very
simple to fit. If you have a vehicle
covered by one of our dedicated
kits, the
Plug & Play
range means
you can enjoy an installation
100% compatible with original-fit
equipment. Forget the old, now you
can hear all the difference and live
the emotion that comes from quality


 Infosheet (PDF)
 Specsheet (PDF)

2-Way Coaxial Kit

Woofer: 6×9″ (165x237mm)

  • High sensitivity
  • Shallow mounting depth (82.5 mm)
  • Great improvement from original car speakers
  • Dynamics and neutrality
  • Soundstage orientation



accessories Supplied grille
max power 160W
nominal power 80W rms
sensitivity 93.6 dB
frequency response 55Hz-20kHz