ΡάδιοCD 2-DIN με Μπροστινές Εσόδους USB/ AUX
Κωδικός : KW-R520
119.00 €

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ΡάδιοCD 2-DIN με Μπροστινές Εσόδους USB/ AUX
  • MOS-FET 50W x 4
  • Δυνατότητα Απευθείας Σύνδεσης Sub woofer (Mono Lch)
  • Αναπαραγωγή Μουσικής από Android (AUDIO MODE και AUTO MODE *1)
  • Αναπαραγωγή Αρχείων WAV / MP3 / WMA / FLAC
  • Είσοδος AUX (Μπροστά)
  • Δέκτης Ψηφιακής Επεξεργασίας
  • Παραμετρικός Ισοσταθμιστής 3-Περιοχών
  • 12-Προρυθμίσεις Ισοστάθμισης
  • Digital Track Expander
  • 2.5V Επίπεδο Τάσης Προεξόδων Line και Subwoofer
  • 1 Ζεύγος Προεξόδων (Rear/Subwoofer Ρυθμίσιμο)
  • Φωτισμός Μεταβλητού Χρώματος
  • Δυνατότητα Σύνδεσης Χειριστηρίου Τιμονιού
*1 Android (Ver 4.1 ή νεότερη). Για τη λειτουργία AUTO MODE απαιτείται η εφαρμογή JVC Music Play.


(Instruction Manual)  Europe  English, French, German   2015   1.32MB   View   Download

KW-R520E - Double-DIN CD Receiver
Supported Media Formats
MP3 / WMA compatible with ID3 / WMA-TAG display CD / USB
WAV playback with day display USB
FLAC playback with day display USB
CD player
CD-R / CD-RW compatible
Random / Repeat Play
frequency range 20-20000 Hz (+/- 1 dB)
dynamic range 90 dB
noise Ratio 105 dB (1 kHz)
channel separation 85 dB
Flutter below the measurable range
Android control
Android music playback (AUDIO MODE and AUTO MODE) • (AUDIO MODE & AUTO MODE) [6]
Battery charging function • (USB: 1A Max.)
iPod / iPhone control
Battery charging function • (USB: 1A Max.)
position front
Random / Repeat Play
Powered via the USB port • (1A)
USB Mass Storage Class (for music files)
Drive mode for USB Mass Storage Device (Mass Storage Class)
Radio Data System (RDS) • (with Radio Text Plus)
Empangsstarker RDS tuner with Digital Processing
presets 18 FM + 6 AM
Presets-ordered by reception quality (for FM)
Radio timer • (Once / Daily / Weekly)
Memory for radio stations (retains settings if the power supply)
frequency response 87.5 to 108.0 MHz
sensitivity 8.2 dBf (0.71 uV / 75 Ohm)
Sensitivity at 46 dB 17.2 dBf (2.0 uV / 75 Ohm)
Stereo Separation 40 dB
frequency response (MW) 531-1611 kHz (9 kHz), (LW) 153-279 kHz (9 kHz)
sensitivity (MW) 28.2 uV, (LW) 50 uV
Maximum Output Power 4 x 50 W / 2 x 50 W + Subwoofer (4 ohms) 1 x 50 W
rated capacity 4 x 22 W (power at broadband measurement, less than 1% THD)
MOS-FET amplifier
Direct Connection for Subwoofer (Mono, L-channel)
Audio D / A converter
3-Band Parametric EQ for perfect sound adjustment
Easy EQ
Equalizer (EQ) presets, • (12 spaces)
Source Dependent EQ settings
Digital Track Expander to work up the lost by data compression previous signal components
Loudness Control • (Off / Low / High)
High Pass Filter / Low Pass Filter - / •
load impedance 4 ohm (4-8 ohm)
Pre-output level 2.5V
Line output impedance <600 Ohm
Level subwoofer output 2.5V
Inputs and outputs
AUX input 1 (front)
Line Outputs (pair) 1 pair (Heck System / Subwoofer selectable)
Subwoofer output with adjustable level and variable crossover frequency • (Level -8 - +8)
Display (type)
color Variables
Colors lighting (display panels) White (LCD), Variable (Key)
Text display suitable for Russian characters.
Text display suitable for Spanish
Auto Dimmer Function
brightness control
ready for original steering wheel remote control
ISO Connector cable
Dimensions (W x H x D)
mounting dimensions 178 x 112 x 158mm
weight 1.6 kg
  • [6] Android (Ver 4.1+) AUTO MODE requires the JVC Music Play app.